It is our business to know online business and through research and commitment,
we can bring you the best quality design and features.

Magento is a scalable & flexible platform for ecommerce, offering exceptional features & customization.

  • Stable Architecture
  • Fully Customizable
  • Tailored to Your Needs


WordPress is one of the most robust and extremely versatile content management systems around.

  • Google Loves WordPress
  • Simple User Interface
  • Fantastic Functionality


Online Shopping cart Software that’s full of easy-to-use tools & features.

  • All-in-one ecommerce solution
  • Small to medium size business
  • UK’s leading Volusion experts


Understanding our customer – You

No matter how talented a designer, technically adept a programmer or creative a content writer- absolutely nothing outstanding can ever happen until the goals of the customer are fully and completely understood! That is why we will consult with you to grasp the requirements and goals of YOUR business before a single pixel is drawn, a word written or a page optimised! The first step therefore is complete synergy to find the best solution for you.

6 months on and I can still see that the tools recommended and set up by the Codeaxa team are perfect. Exactly what I need. I am so pleased we went with Volusion as advised or we could be in a very different place now!

Now your vision is our vision

Once the best tools to do the job have been chosen we can focus on the details of implementing your ideas and aspirations for your online business presence. We can listen and build upon, your vision entirely or offer logical and creative guidance to further inspire and guide your ideas.

At Codeaxa we will guide you through each step by asking the right questions to be sure that when we put our experts to work they are working towards a shared vision of your business, derived from and designed to exceed, your expectations.

I don’t know how but Codeaxa just got it! They absolutely get what my business is about. Thanks!

Intense specialisation

We can be sure that we can, 100% consistently provide the service we describe because of our intent focus on the proven best-of-class tools. It is not enough to excel at broad skills like design, marketing or SEO but an intimate knowledge of how these disciplines are fulfilled in whichever best-in-class technology like Magento, WordPress or volusion, that is right for your project.

Our experience your success

Nick Choudry at CODEAXA has been making online dreams a reality for over a decade. And we believe we are fairly unique in stating that our business is not ‘just’ the completion at the highest standard of specific tasks; like marketing, design, SEO etc. – but the realisation of your goals for your business through the careful and combined management of those tasks towards one outcome. Your success.

Nick at Codeaxa has so much useful knowledge. Pointed me in the right direction every single step of the way. Very pleased with the work too.

Everything you need, one company – CODEAXA

This experience has also taught us that e-commerce businesses that out-source the different aspects of online trading to multiple different providers usually see slower achievement of their goals at a higher total cost. CODEAXA can look after all the key aspects of your online business (design, marketing, data, diagnosis/repair, BrightPearl, training) leaving you and your people the time and budget to focus on your customers.

Codeaxa took care of the lot!

Amazing cost control

By having the right team with the right skills saves you money. The tasks involved in setting up an online business are extraordinarily diverse. A designer is not the same as an SEO consultant, SEO implementer or copy writer. By putting the right skill set to work in the right place at the right time we don’t just get outstanding results we save you money.

I knew exactly what I was spending, upfront and it was much less than I thought.

Absolute satisfaction

We do not engage in shoddy practices like asking you to pick a design, our shared vision will evolve as any outstanding online presence must and we consider it done when it matches your vision and exceeds your expectations. We do not consider our work complete until that point has been clearly reached.

Begin the realisation with no obligation.